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About Us

In the context of the economic development that Libya is witnessing in all economic activities, especially in the industrial sector, and in order to expand the industrial base and the accompanying legislation to encourage the private sector and open the door to foreign investment. Waad Al-Khair Company for Food Industries was established, as this company is specialized in making biscuits, pastries and cakes of all kinds. A site was chosen for it in the city of Tripoli - Wadi al-Rabee ', and in view of the importance and sensitivity of this activity and the openness of the Libyan market and the intensity of competition in it, the administration has been keen from the beginning to ensure that its products are able to compete in terms of product quality, efficiency of marketing services, beauty of supply and moderation of prices, so it worked to contract with Major international companies to implement production lines and provide the finest raw materials and the latest means of transportation and display, in addition to establishing a laboratory equipped with the latest devices and equipment and supported by the best expertise to ensure product quality control. Parallel to bringing in and installing machines and equipment, the management committee worked to prepare and refine the Libyan Arab technical cadres qualified to manage and operate production lines and control quality.

Our policy and goals

    The policy pursued by the company is to reach the performance of this system to the full and permanent realization of the requirements of modern and advanced administrative systems, and thus, through the application of this system, we can effectively achieve our goal and objectives, which are all focused on increasing our ability to provide safe and high-quality products that satisfy our current and targeted customers and that Our company is a leading manufacturer of biscuits, pastries and cakes at the local and international levels:
  • Complete abidance by laws, legislation, local and international standard specifications to ensure the quality and safety of the product swell as reversion and evaluation of such abidance periodically.
  • Training, awareness of employees, development of their personal skills, diffusion of awareness of requirements of quality management system.
  • Continuous improvement in performance of quality management system and food safety in the company so as to achieve clients satisfaction and generates benefit to company, employees and community.
  • Provision of high and safe level of products realizing quality policy and objectives and food safety.
  • This policy is reported and available to the employees and shall be revised periodically.
    Quality objectives The company administration has set up clear and specified objectives through elaborated scientific planning .the most important objectives represent in company, Endeavour to :
  • Contribution to development of the national economy through provision of a local producer to satisfy the citizen's need of diary and juice products.
  • Contribution to provision of director indirect job opportunities by employing a great number of Libyan in management and operation of the company's production lines and servicing utilities.
  • Contributor to provision of high quality and suitable cost local producer in getting at confidence and satisfaction of the consumer.
  • Breaking the psychological barrier which was prevailing and saying that the local producer is unable to compete under the condition of a market opening to all.
  • Keeping pace with scientific development in the field of foodstuff industry. .
By virtue of its large fleet of vehicles Waad Elkheir for food Industries distributes its products to all regions of Great Libya from one end to the other periodically and regularly, this is the best proof of the good spread of the company products and abundance of the demand therefore.
  • Commitment
  • Excellence and Excellence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Community service
  • Food and Administrative Quality

Contact information

  • Location : . . . . .Hay al-andalos -Tripoli - Libya
  • Mobile phone : . . . . . 218922128787
  • Email address: . . . . . info@swani-group.ly

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